Salt mill A soup party

A soup party is an excellent idea for winter entertaining. It's a casual and laidback party which can be hosted for a group of friends on a weekend. Here are some tips to help you host a soup party. The Menu Your Dutch oven or soup pot along with kitchen utensils like ladles and stirring spoons are all that's need to make it. Include different toppings like shredded cheese, croutons and toasted nuts in your soup bar. Sliced shallots, chopped parsley and sour cream also make tasty toppings. Classic breads such as sourdough and a crusty baguette make wonderful complements to soup. Serve them sliced on serving platters. The star of the party is the soup. Soup is easy to make and the key to delicious soup is using fresh ingredients. Search for simple recipes online and choose fresh, organic ingredients from your local community market. The biggest advantage is that soup is a make-ahead dish. You can make stock for the soup the day before to save time while cooking on the day of the party. Another advantage is that you don't need special cookware for making soup.