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From reading your Morton's salt label, you probably know that iodine is a necessary nutrient, but what the label doesn't say is that iodine in your neti pot solution can irritate your sensitive nasal passages. Did you know that iodine doesn 't even occur naturally in salt? Rather, Morton's and other companies have added iodine as a nutritional supplement to help prevent cases hypo-thyroidism.Pepper grinder CNC ROUTER Spice mill T-SHIRT PRINTERcheck those labels , especially the fine print, keeping an eagle-eye out for these three sneaky things that - like that Mom's apple pie - are best kept firmly out of our nasal cavities. Black Pepper is your friend. Reach for it instead of salt, and your family, friends, and doctor will be happy you did.Neti pot salt - it's a must-have for a safe, comfortable nasal irrigation experience. A common neti pot solution recipe calls for mixing 8 ounces of pure, lukewarm water with Pepper grinder CNC ROUTER Spice mill T-SHIRT PRINTERa slightly heaping 1/4 teaspoon of pure salt. But what exactly does pure salt mean?Why? I guess I grew up with the notion that some things were for company, and when I did not get around to entertaining,Pepper grinder CNC ROUTER Spice mill T-SHIRT PRINTER I didn't deem my own company worthy of the treat. My black pepper flash was a watershed moment. It was then that I decided the good china was good enough any time I wanted to pull it out. And that beautiful cutting board and knife set would do fine for stew meat or cheese, whatever I pleased. I pulled Pepper grinder CNC ROUTER Spice mill T-SHIRT PRINTERdown wine glasses for orange juice to celebrate a sunny day, and pulled out the best place mats for regular morning meals. Life is for celebrating!